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"The condition upon which God hath given liberty to man is eternal vigilance; which condition if he break, servitude is at once the consequence of his crime and the punishment of his guilt." - John Philpot Curran


The Cruelty of Darwinism

Atheists have this strange notion that once they have destroyed all belief in the supernatural and have convinced everyone to embrace "rational thought" (their twisted version of proselytizing), the world will be a better place. Sorry, but no.

What exactly do you get when the atheistic worldview is carried out to its logical conclusion? Chaos. Death. Destruction. The citizens of Jokela, Finland, found that out earlier today:
    Finnish police said five male pupils, two females and the middle-aged female principal were shot dead when an 18-year-old pupil the building at around midday with a .22 calibre handgun and started shooting randomly.
The suspected gunman, Pekka-Erik Auvinen, had no prior criminal record, but he did have other problems:
    Auvinen, described as holding "extreme Darwinian" views, is also thought to be responsible for another video recently posted on You Tube called "Just testing my gun" where an individual dressed in black shoots a pistol at a piece of fruit in a snowy forest.

    "I'm a natural selector and will eliminate all those I see as unfit," Sturmgeist89 wrote on You Tube recently.
That's Darwinism in a nutshell.

Anyone adheres to an atheistic worldview lacks the necessary foundation to make moral judgments. Oh, the atheist will try to say that his worldview allows for things like good and bad, right and wrong, but such notions are meaningless in a philosophy that wishes man to remain unaccountable to a Creator. Doing what's "right" boils down to doing what feels good "right now."

Brian Godawa, a Christian screenwriter and director, carried out the atheist philosophy to its logical conclusion in his short film Cruel Logic. You may find it a little disturbing, but I think it depicts perfectly the kind of world the atheists are trying to force on the rest of us -- whether they realize it or not:

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Blogger ikantspel said...

I take quite a few philosophical (and, naturally, theological) issues with atheism and I constantly find myself scratching my head when it comes to their intellectual schizophrenia. Funny how they alone believe that they possess all the keys of reason and knowledge.

What bothers me the most is that these people are hypocrites of the worst kind. I become absolutely infuriated when an atheist like, say Richard Dawkins, claims that nobody should shove their own views down somebody else's throat while at the same time championing compulsory education. Or better yet, championing abortion while at the same time talking about saving some obscure species of dung beetle.

Human reason, as you have pointed out, has led to mass murder, exploitation, and numerous other things. It's like a recursive curse: even when something terrible like this happens, people don't turn to their Creator. They turn to the modern state which thrives on human reason.

11/7/07, 7:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This guy believed he was natures selecttor, the intelligent desingner in other words God. So he was not atheist.

and his views about evolution were twisted by his faith.

But where is christian morale? You are happily spinning around corpses like vultures.

11/8/07, 3:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


11/8/07, 3:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Anyone adheres to an atheistic worldview lacks the necessary foundation to make moral judgements."

- Just how do you come to these conclusions? I mean just blatantly labeling all people without religion as totally immoral? Think about it.

A misguided youth committing a truly sad act of multiple murder in the name of his own twisted beliefs has nothing to do with atheistic or any other rationale as such. Darwin's evolution theory does not include humans as active participant in knowingly "choosing" the way we evolve either. But that, I think you already knew, correct?

It's easy to flame up when something as sad as this happens and blame an ideology or a way of thinking for causing it. But in the process, please don't be arrogant.

That's what Haggard would say as well, wouldn't he?

11/8/07, 3:30 AM  
Blogger Lee Shelton IV said...

I always love these brave "anonymous" comments. But whatever.

The truth is I believe that all people, those with religion and those without, both Christian and non-Christian, are inherently immoral. Scripture is quite clear that natural man is at enmity with God. The only thing that reconciles us to him is the blood of Christ, which paid the debt of sin.

Perhaps I should have been more clear. Anyone who adheres to an atheistic worldview lacks the necessary foundation to make moral judgements and still remain consistent with his worldview.

There is no such thing as absolute truth in atheistic philosophy. Things like right and wrong change constantly depending on our current evolutionary state. How can you say that this kid was "misguided," that what he did was a "sad act," or that he had "twisted beliefs"? On what basis are you forming those conclusions? Perhaps he simply did what came naturally to him. Now, you could argue that he is a deviation from the norm, but how does that figure into morality?

Without an objective standard (i.e., God's word) by which to judge one's actions, how can you say that what he did was wrong? Some animals eat only plants. Some kill and eat other animals. Some even kill and eat their own young. So, tell me: In a world without a Creator, where we all just move through the circle of life with no hope of a world after this, what makes it wrong for humans to kill other humans? You can't answer that question without betraying your own worldview.

11/8/07, 8:09 AM  
Blogger ikantspel said...

I believe that he was making reference to social Darwinism rather than biological Darwinism. The underlying philosophy is what is in question here not its application to this field or that field.

Speaking of which, much of Darwin's work is devoted to "natural selection" or, as Herbert Spencer put it "survival of the fittest." Evolutionary theory is a crackpot side note which uses natural selection (a process which can be observed) to make a deduction that is not based on any real scientific ground. This has nothing to do with lack of conscious choice and more to do with "might makes right." In the wild, a predator consciously chooses to kill its prey but if the prey live in an environment that makes it difficult for them to survive they either adapt or they die. You are confusing natural selection with biological and chemical evolution (I believe that the former is perfectly scientific while the latter is not).

You accuse the author of this post as being arrogant and then make the equally arrogant comment that "his views about evolution were twisted by his faith." How do you know that your views of evolution are not twisted by your lack of faith? Because they are scientific? Well as soon as you give me a lecture on the epistemology of science and the scientific nature of the evolutionary theory, we'll just leave it at that.

11/8/07, 12:25 PM  
Blogger ikantspel said...

Pardon my syntactic ambiguity. Perhaps I should have said that Lee Shelton (rather than "he") is making reference to the underlying philosophy of Darwinism.

Also, I should note for the benefit of anonymous that while it is true that I am a Christian now, I was once an aspiring mollecular biologist and I questioned evolution before I became a Christian based solely on scientific evidence. Not everyone's view on evolution is based solely on their religious convictions and even if they were, it's not any of your business.

With all due respect to anonymous, it seems like atheists are busybodies with nothing better to do than to deride non-atheists.

By the way, Lee, I enjoy your blog.

11/8/07, 3:07 PM  
Blogger Lee Shelton IV said...

Thanks! I appreciate the comments.

11/10/07, 9:10 AM  

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