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Giuliani: The Pro-Death Choice for Pro-Life Voters

Many Republicans believe that Rudy Giuliani is their best hope for a White House victory in 2008. Who knows? Depending on the Democrats' choice of candidate, they may be right. What I do know is that no Republican victory has ever resulted in smaller, less expensive government.

And no Republican victory has ever resulted in a significant reduction in the number of innocent babies who are murdered legally in this country. Sure, virtually every GOP candidate pays lip service to their pro-life constituents, but that doesn't mean they actually believe their own words about the horrors of abortion. They're only out to get votes and, since the majority of pro-life voters are gullible saps who will march in lock-step behind anyone who will give them the time of day, these gutless politicians have little to worry about.

Well, it's time for people to start waking up. Rudy Giuliani is pro-abortion. He always has been. Yes, he prefers to use the euphemism "pro-choice," but anyone who believes that an innocent child must be sacrificed in order to respect a woman's right to control her own body is solidly in the pro-death camp.

"Oh, but at least Giuliani would be better than Hillary Clinton."

Really? Giuliani readily admits that while he is personally against abortion (pure hypocritical tripe), he fully supports its practice:
He also believes that public funds should be available so that poor mothers can murder their children as easily as rich mothers:
And, as this excerpt from an interview with Phil Donahue reveals, Rudy would go so far as to pay for an abortion for his daughter if she chose to murder her child:
    GIULIANI: ... I've said that I'll uphold a woman's right of choice, that I will fund abortion so that a poor woman is not deprived of a right that others can exercise, and that I would oppose going back to a day in which abortions were illegal.

    I do that in spite of my own personal reservations. I have a daughter now; if a close relative or a daughter were pregnant, I would give my personal advice, my religious and moral views...

    DONAHUE: Which would be to continue the pregnancy.

    GIULIANI: Which would be that I would help her with taking care of the baby. But if the ultimate choice of the woman--my daughter or any other woman--would be that in this particular circumstance [if she had] to have an abortion, I'd support that. I'd give my daughter the money for it.
Personally against it, publicly for it. I think it should be clear by now exactly where Giuliani stands on the abortion issue.

Of course, that won't stop thousands upon thousands of pro-life voters from supporting him. Some things just don't change.

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Blogger the zoom said...

Did Clinton fire her first shot?

This is from the NY Times on Al Gore. Looks like he is preparing to run for president and the Clinton camp is worried.

From a Rapt Audience, a Call to Cool the Hype

3/12/07, 11:39 PM  
Blogger Lee Shelton said...

The thought of another campaign season with Gore boring everyone to tears is frightening, but nothing surprises me anymore.

3/13/07, 6:21 AM  
Blogger Christy said...

I think this will push me into the Constitution Party camp, Lee! :)

3/13/07, 9:18 AM  
Blogger Lee Shelton said...

I don't think they'll field a candidate next year. The CP may decide to endorse Ron Paul, which is perfectly fine with me!

3/13/07, 11:26 AM  

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