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A Little Perspective

It has been said that "patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel." To put it in today's terms: when all else fails, wrap yourself in the flag and say something about supporting our troops, and when someone says something with which you disagree, accuse that person of being unpatriotic and you automatically win any argument. That is the tactic of a scoundrel.

Just look at the reaction of America's uber patriots to John Kerry's recent remarks. In this particular thread on the leading nationalist, pro-war, pro-government site in the country, a poster going by the pseudonym GulfWar1Vet lashes out:
    Your weak apology won't cut it with me. You said you support the military, but your words and actions say otherwise.

    Mr. Kerry, you are a traitor to the United States of America. You ought to be locked up and charged with treason.

    Mr. Kerry, also, you need to resign from the United States Senate. You are a disgrace to the office of Senator and to the United States of America.
Here are some of the responses:
    "As a Vietnam combat veteran, I second this. Kerry-you are a scum bag traitor and they don't come much lower than you."
    - posted by unkus

    "It'd be cool if Kerry got off a plane one day and armed service members lined up to spit on him as he walked through the airport."
    - posted by Sir Gawain

    "My father, a veteran of WWII and the Korean War, died one year ago today. Kerry dishonors my father as much as he dishonors America's finest serving in Iraq this very minute."
    - posted by ExTexasRedhead
But none were as "inspiring" as Anne of DC:

    A thread were I can vent my anger at that moronic egocentric idiot who don't know when to shut his big flap!

    Sen. Kerry

    I am the daugher of a veteran, my dad served in the US Army in the 1950s, he missed going to Korea by a few days.

    He only had an 8th grade education, but he had more brains in his little finger than in your whole body!

    You, sir, insulted him!

    I am the sister of a veteran of the US Marines, my brother was an "a" student and went all the way through high-school, he has more sense than you Harvard educated moron.

    I am the aunt of currently serving "PATRIOTS"

    My niece is in the Air-Force and my nephew and his wife are US Army. My other niece's husband is also US Air-Force, as well as being recently a naturalized American citizen. They, sir, as well as my family and thiers. as well as all who have loved ones in the Military either veretan or active duty weather stationed here at home or serving currently in Iraq and Afghanistan and else-where in the world an apology!

    And don't give me that blarney about aiming those comments at President Bush! I ain't buying it!

    Senator, like gulfwar1vet has said, you need to resign, NOW!
As an American, am I supposed to be offended by Kerry's remarks? He's a publicity whore who was just trying to win over the crowd by making a stupid joke. Why is that worse than the president joking about the search for non-existent WMD? Why is what Kerry said worse than the lies that got us into a pointless war in the first place? How is what he said more insulting to the troops than the orders that have given us tens of thousands of American casualties?

Please. Let's maintain a little perspective here. If anything, Kerry should be criticized for authorizing the use of force against a nation that never attacked us. In that respect, both he and the president are traitors to the Constitution.

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